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Gtrat top

Love the push pop top, great idea and works well. Not to sure about the claims of keeping hot for 8 hours though. Overall 8 from 10

480ml Food Jar Dusty Pink

love the tops, but take up more space to dry


Whilst I gave the topaz bottle away as a gift, I am now happy with my silver replacement bottle. Love the choice of water flow options and being able to close the flow completely. Easy and comfortable thirst quencher.


I love being able to drink from any angle. This is my second one, my first died after many years of good service and multiple drops. Temperature is always great, shape is comfortable for the hand, can't praise it enough. Great service.

Great Bottle...

It is a great bottle
Useful for warm and cold beverages
Im not willing to see what the temperature limit is for the hot beverages

Down side is that there aren't any bottle carry cases for such a big bottle

But the up side is that this 1 litre bottle is cheaper than the same type of bottle But smaller version

Fabulous water bottle

After having my last 2 Cheeki water bottles for over 10yrs it wasn’t a super hard decision to get Cheeki again. My only reservations are, with the sports lid there is no handle but it hasn’t been an issue so far and I’ve been using them for about 2 weeks now, and I’m not sure what cleaning the sports lid is going to be like but I only drink water so the risk of it getting really gross is low.

New Cheeki lids

I love these lids. The older style top was difficult to keep clean with hand washing. With these, the fiddlyness is gone! Unscrew the parts and hand wash away! So easy and hygienic!

I love them!

Best products around

I purchased a new litre insulated bottle, sports cap and a coffee mug. I already own several coffee mugs and an insulated litre bottle. The bottle is over a decade old and still going strong. I own a lot of Cheeki products, I purchased them for my four children too. Most are more than a decade old and still in great condition, despite being used and dropped often. I liked the look of the new range and decided to treat myself. I love the wider opening bottle and the new lids.

Cheeki have never let me down. My family are life long customers because of the quality, customer service and they are an Australian brand. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Happy with service.

Thanks for the prompt delivery, which was well packed, so safe too.
A very good purchase experience. Thank you. Been using Cheeki mugs for 8 years, only just replaced now. . I use it for my use on a medical machine, where only one hand free, so the press button is magical. Spillproff is great too.

Cheeki order

Love the new water bottle can, and cap for my old bottle. Thanks for the fast service.

amazing product

I love my cheeki bottle, the best reusable bottle on the market

Lunch box

I have not had enough time to test the large lunch boxes durability against ware and tare, especially the latching mechanisms, having only had the items for a week or so. I don't recommend adding dressing to salads as the boxes leak liquids.

Keeps drinks hot for hours!

I absolutely adore the way this mug keeps my drinks hot for hours! I am very fond of being on the road for long periods of time and can't believe just how well it keeps my drinks hot or cold, for a nice iced tea, coffee or chocolate. Unfortunately, the way the lid is designed, if the cup gets slightly overfilled, when the lid goes on, it well, spills everywhere which is a common problem I get when ordering a coffee from a coffee shop/cafe. A way to fix this problem, would be to design the plastic to fit over the metal cup, instead of inside the cup. This way, I could fit even more liquid inside my cup. Another, albeit minor problem with is that the print came off very soon after purchasing.

750ml Classic Single Wall - Matte Black

Perfect for mums on the go!

Not too big for the handbag, perfect bottle that actually keeps water warm. Love!

Great drink bottle

Fast, easy delivery. Love the blue colour, love the handle on the lid, very handy. Easy to drink out of. Keeps the water cold. Have recommended to a few friends already.

Cheeki Insulated Tumbler

Thank you! My kids love their new smoothy tumbler! We use them every morning for healthy breakfast smoothys- no waste and healthier than their old plastic cups!

Love all products


I love this and all my Cheeki products (I discovered the coffee cups something like 7 years ago!)
I need to ask though have you changed your paint? My topaz coffee cup is about a year old and in my bag all the time and never been scratched - the brand new drink bottle was in my handbag 20 minutes and came out with 2 small scratches the first time I took it out of the house :(

Sports top is great, my husband copied me and bought the same combo in black and my toddler keeps stealing both our bottles because he loves the spot lid!

Happy Dad!

I bought this product for my dad because he always wanting ice cold water and hates walking down to the freezer in the middle of the night. For the past week, dad has thanked me at least 5 times everyday for getting him this bottle. He loves that he can put ice cubes in, leave it in the hot car all day, and there are still ice cubes when he goes to drink it later that evening. Thanks Cheeki =)

Love my cheeki cup, fantastic that you can get replacement lids. Very happy!


I bought the new coffee cup lid which comes apart easily and is a great improvement. Love my Cheeki products.

Very happy with my new cheeki bottle . It’s my second one !!

2019 NEW Version - Coffee Mug Replacement Lid-Black

A great asset

This is an awesome bottle for days out on the road working, or for a day hike. It's too large for the car drink holder but so handy for big days out.