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Excellent coffee mug for the home/office

Best design I’ve seen so far - excellent stainless steel double walled insulated, perfect size (office size not larger travel size), easy to use flip top lid (no unscrewing). I have bought 4 so far!

Fantastic product. Very happy.

I’d heard positive things about the Cheeki brand and I’m very happy with the products I received. Thank you very much!

Amazing bottle

I have been a cheeki fan for a while now as I have a 600ml insulated one that I use. Bought this one as a gift for my partner and he absolutely loves it as well. Keeps our water so cold for ages. Especially in the heat here it is very much appreciated. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy more of these.

Perfect Lunch Box

Such a great eco-friendly lunch box. I love that you can stack the different layers and save on space by not having to carry multiple little containers. I would definitely recommend it.

Perfect size for Secondary School lunch

The 1.6 litre Hungry Max lunch box is the perfect size for the days the kids take a sandwich/roll, fruit and a snack. No more throwing out plastic lunch boxes due to cracks! Love them.

Super cool

Looks slick and keeps cool. The shorter straw is handy to use in other glasses as you can’t buy this size straw on its own. 2 products in 1!

Been a Happy Customer for some four or more years now

Brought a Cheeki Chiller 1.9lts recently and very happy with the quick delivery. I purchased this to take on long trips out of Sydney to avoid the purchasing of sometimes expensive water at various stop overs for fuel etc. I still take my trusty 1ltre Cheeki but it soon runs out where I normally have to purchase water along the way. I never found it convenient to take extra bottles with me. But now that I have this insulated large vessel I don't have to worry about dealing with multiple bottles before and during the trip. Just one extra vessel that keeps my drink cold all day sitting on the seat beside me. Love it!

Great product but instructions best on outside!

Yes, we duly got our Cheeki bottle in good order in good time. It was washed, rinsed and filled with water. Going to remote area I was carefully allotting cold water bottles and chose the new one. Disgusted at the taste I looked inside to see paper coiled inside! Somewhat faded & soggy print was scooped out. Surely the info could be wrapped around the bottles exterior?

I love Cheeki products!

The reusable coffee cups are the best - I've got Frank Green, SOL and a few other brands...they either do not keep the coffee hot, or leak. The Cheeki cup was the first I ever bought, and definitely the best. The range of products is extending which is great to see - the lunchbox I bought is sturdy and holds plenty for my lunch. Can't wait to buy more of your products when they are invented. Thanks, Cheeki!

500ml Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler - Rainbow Pearl

It looks so pretty, fitting the description in the picture!! The tumbler works so well, keeping my drinks cooler for longer!! Highly practical and environmentally friendly!! I would highly recommend!! Definitely did not disappoint!! Thank you Cheeki!!

Best water bottle ever!

The insulated bottle keeps my drink very cool in hot weather. Perfect for summer!

10 years of great Cheeki products

I give my whole Cheeki experience a 10+ out of 10 rating over 10 years. I still have what must be one of the very first stainless one litre bottles Cheeki made! ... in fact I have two that I believe would be over 10 years old and still going strong. I have bought many Cheeki products for family too and my wife loves her new "pink" 500ml bottle that's perfect for her handbag!
My latest order is my first online purchase direct with Cheeki. I only found the site when seeing if I could buy a replacement old type stopper for my 10 year old bottles? YES and only $3.95! Original one only broke when dropped on concrete from a height!
The online service was incredibly good too: arrived in a couple of days, beautifully wrapped and boxed, great communication on order acceptance, despatch, tracking etc.
As I said great in every respect, thanks.

A stylish every day desk companion

I love the depth of the colour of the bottle, and is a great size for man hands.

It's the small details that really stand out - like the subtle padded base that makes it feel solid and polished when you place it back on a surface (without damaging the base or the desk itself).

Paired with the Sports Lid, this is an effortless way to keep drinks cool and accessible while in the office - superb everyday companion.


My bottle has arrived and it's everything of hoped for. Pretty and practical.

Simple to clean

This is an insulated cup that keeps drink hot, but allows you to drink them within two hours. Best parts are the easy to clean drink mechanism, think soppy cup, which actually seals unlike Avanti or any other snippy cup I have bought.

Excellent service

Arrived so quick! Great service 😊

Gift Idea

I purchased the Steele insulated tumbler as a gift for my daughter. She is very aware of on going waste & the daily footprint we all leave behind. She is doing her best to reduce waste.

very happy

love the insulated reusable coffee cup - a quality item at a good price

Everyone should have a Cheeki

We have used the Cheeki bottles for many years without problems, the double insulated ones are fantastic keeping drinks cold in summer and hot in winter.
We have had excellent service from staff at Cheeki when we have needed to purchase extra lids etc.
Well done Cheeki

Love these bottles!

This is our 4th purchase of a Cheeki water bottle and we just love them. Great for the kids and great for those working outdoors as the water stays lovely and cold even when left out in the sun. Great bottles and the sports tops are great for the kids. Couldn’t be happier :)

2 x Original Range Carabiner Lid

Received lids in mail today. Delivery took 8 business days to Victoria. Other than than spot on no worries!