Warranty & Returns

Cheeki’s mission is to provide a solution to the plastic pollution crisis. This is a lifetime mission and we fully expect our products to be your lifetime solution. We ensure our manufacturing processes are ethical and first class. We invest in safe transport of our precious cargo and we are proud to see our refill reuse products in use everywhere we go.

If your Cheeki product is not performing as promised, please read through the following return/exchange criteria. And if you have any doubts about what you should do, please get in touch. We want you to love your Cheeki products as much as we do and keep them with you for life.

Only products sold with a Cheeki Lifetime Warranty are eligible for lifetime warranty.  This includes the Classic Range and the 1.6 Litre Thirsty Max water bottles only.

All other products carry a 12 month warranty from date of purchase. Our 12 month warranty covers faulty materials or manufacturing only.

However, if you have any problems with your product we always want to know if something has not worked the way it should.

Lifetime Warranty Products


Wear and tear is not included under the Cheeki Lifetime Warranty. This includes scratches and dents; paint chips from the product being dropped, banged or damaged in any way; or damage resulting from incorrect or neglectful cleaning practices.

Manufacturing defects are eligible for return or exchange only if they have been purchased from an Authorised Cheeki Dealer.

  1. Broken or leaking lids.
  1. Product that do not insulate correctly.
  1. Products that arrive damaged (Cheeki Online purchases). In this instance please do not use your product. Used products cannot be replaced or exchanged.
  1. Uneven or rough surface or edging on your product.
  1. Loose internal part or rattle. Sometimes manufacturing “beads” are caught inside the walls of insulated products. These are not harmful and will not affect the functioning of your product but they can be annoying.

Each claim will be handled on a case by case basis. Only the parts of the product that are affected will be replaced or exchanged.

If you purchased your Cheeki product from a retailer directly please return to the retailer and they will assess your warranty claim and provide a replacement or exchange directly. It is usually quicker for you and will get you up and running with a working product sooner and avoids unnecessary shipping delays.

If you have purchased your Cheeki from Cheeki Online (www.cheeki.net.au) you may be requested to send an email with photographs of the defective parts. Each case will be assessed individually and if we require the product to be returned, postage will be covered by the customer.

To submit a claim you must first register your product by sending an email through to sales@cheeki.net.au stating your product size, style & colour and date of purchase.