Classic Range

Cheeki Vacuum Insulation and Single Wall Bottles. With Cheeki Lifetime Warranty. 

Cheeki Insulated and Non Insulated water bottles are for all ages. Best in the market our insulated bottles are BPA free. Made ready to refill and to reuse Cheeki insulated bottles are perfect for hiking and trekking
Looking for a insulated water bottle for sports activities ? try our Tri Tech sports lid, incredibly unique and newly engineered Tri-Tech Sports Lid fits all our Cheeki classic range stainless steel water bottles. Our stainless steel bottles are insulated to ensure your water says cold and hot for longer period. Made from single wall and double wall food-grade stainless steel, Cheeki stainless steel bottles keeps contents insulated for hours, Our Bottles are reusable,toxin free and environment friendly.

Keeps cold for up to 6 hours | Vacuum Insulation | Life Time Warranty
Double walled | Food grade stainless steel | Environmentally Safe

BPA & Toxin Free | Cup holder friendly | 100% Recyclable Product & Packaging.
Insulated and Single Wall bottles.
    Lifetime Warranty. 
    Silicone Shield lid so your water never touches plastic. 
    Embossed with our Refill Reuse mission.


    Cheeki Vacuum Insulation and Single Wall Bottles. With Cheeki Lifetime Warranty. 



    400ml,600ml,1-litre-insulated,500ml,750ml,1 litre,1.6 Litre,



    400ml: 400ml Insulated || Perfect for handbags or small backpacks.;

    500ml: 500ml Single Wall || The go-to bottle, light for small bags.;

    600ml: 600ml Insulated || Our most popular insulated bottle.;

    750ml: 750ml Single Wall || The favourite all rounder, Perfect for sports activities.;

    1 litre: 1 Litre Single Wall || Lightweight all day hydration, a good companion for a long walk.;

    1-litre-insulated: 1 litre Insulated || The trusty insulated day companion, perfect for hiking and trekking.;

    1.6 Litre: 1.6 Litre Single Wall || The handy camper or best for keeping water cold in the fridge.



    1.6 Litre Single Wall
    The handy camper or best for keeping water cold in the fridge.

    Cheeki Reviews

    342 reviews
    10 years of great Cheeki products

    I give my whole Cheeki experience a 10+ out of 10 rating over 10 years. I still have what must be one of the very first stainless one litre bottles Cheeki made! ... in fact I have two that I believe would be over 10 years old and still going strong. I have bought many Cheeki products for family too and my wife loves her new "pink" 500ml bottle that's perfect for her handbag!
    My latest order is my first online purchase direct with Cheeki. I only found the site when seeing if I could buy a replacement old type stopper for my 10 year old bottles? YES and only $3.95! Original one only broke when dropped on concrete from a height!
    The online service was incredibly good too: arrived in a couple of days, beautifully wrapped and boxed, great communication on order acceptance, despatch, tracking etc.
    As I said great in every respect, thanks.

    A stylish every day desk companion

    I love the depth of the colour of the bottle, and is a great size for man hands.

    It's the small details that really stand out - like the subtle padded base that makes it feel solid and polished when you place it back on a surface (without damaging the base or the desk itself).

    Paired with the Sports Lid, this is an effortless way to keep drinks cool and accessible while in the office - superb everyday companion.


    My bottle has arrived and it's everything of hoped for. Pretty and practical.

    Simple to clean

    This is an insulated cup that keeps drink hot, but allows you to drink them within two hours. Best parts are the easy to clean drink mechanism, think soppy cup, which actually seals unlike Avanti or any other snippy cup I have bought.

    Excellent service

    Arrived so quick! Great service 😊