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Cheeki Stainless Steel Water Bottle are eusable and refillable metal sports canteen made with premium food grade materials, BPA-free, eco-friendly and safe. Cool portable water flask for running, gym, cycling, hiking, school and more. Leak and spill-proof drink bottle.

Eco-Friendly – Cheeki, Australia’s leading brand of reusable products, was established with the aim of supplying a healthy, fun and environmentally responsible range for today’s world. All of our products are manufactured from Premium Food Grade stainless steel with no inside lining, non-toxic inks and BPA-free materials. Refill and reuse your Cheeki water canister and you will never need to use a disposable cup, plastic drink bottle or water container ever again.



350ml,active600, active range,600ml,500ml,750ml











Cheeki Reviews

122 reviews

Love this cup, I searched for a while for a reuseable cup that I liked and this is perfect. Keeps my coffee hot and doesn't spill at all. It has a slender design which is great because I found a lot of cups are quite wide.

New lid

It was great to be able to buy a new lid for my cup without having to buy a whole new cup.

A household MUST

This cup is the most spectacular invention of the century. It keeps your drink icy cold for hours and yet your fingers don't freeze off. I like to have iced drinks at work and the ice doesn't melt for hours and hours, meaning my drinks aren't diluted. I love the environmental aspect to not adding to the single use plastic trash pile, and I have never once come across a vendor who refused to put their drink in my cup, actually most commend me for not using plastic. This is a costly outlay but you will soon wonder how you ever lived without it. Plus the Cheeki customer service team is second to none, a lovely bunch :) Thanks Cheeki. Im buying these for all my friends as presents now.


Best speedy service i have ever had thank you i ordered Wednesday they arrived Friday can't ask for more than that