• 10 years of evolution

    Cheeki was born on the northern beaches of Sydney in 2009 with the purpose of bringing a healthy, stainless steel alternative to the single-use plastic.  Since 2009 Cheeki has invested much time an... View Post
  • Branding the sustainable way.

    Branding is nothing new, it’s an integral part of any business trying to get their brand out there in the world. Moving into 2020 people are becoming much more environmentally conscious and jumping... View Post
  • Are You Drinking Enough?

    With our bodies made up of more than 60% of water, it is critical for our body’s overall function to replace what we have lost – are you and your family drinking enough? Every day through breathing... View Post
  • Cheeki Wins Silver, People’s Choice and Bronze at this Year’s Australian Non-Toxic Awards

    Cheeki has come out a Silver, People’s Choice and Bronze winner at this year’s Australian Non-Toxic Awards which were announced over the weekend.   Awarded a Silver Rosette in the Lunchbox category... View Post
  • Meet Cheeki's New Ambassador

    We are excited to announce that former rugby league footballer Ryan Girdler has signed on as Cheeki’s first Ambassador.  For the past ten years Cheeki has been spreading the Refill Reuse message ac... View Post
  • What is the best promotional products for my summer event?

    Summer means you hit the beach, follow your favourite bands to the music festivals, try exotic food at the food festivals in your town and just soak yourself in the sun outdoors. Marketing yo... View Post
  • Plastic Pollution affecting Penguins

    Plastic Pollution affecting Penguins

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that penguins are not only cute but also important for the marine ecosystem and Pia the penguin agrees w... View Post

  • Ocean pollution and single use plastic affecting Sharks

    Ocean pollution and single use plastic affecting Sharks

    The marine kingdom is in ruins and Sammy is extremely upset that he cannot do anything about it. Who’s Sammy, you ask? Let ... View Post